ABOUT - Joshua Jorgensen

Growing up having a mom as a photographer, you’d think I would have had at least some interest in the craft. Turns out, I wanted nothing to do with photography. I thought taking pictures was a waste of time when there was so much to see with your eyes. I didn’t want to spend time sorting, editing, downloading, exporting, etc.

The summer of 2009, this all changed. While walking home with my best friend Jake, he began showing off his new, fancy touch screen point-and-shoot. He told me that he was interested in learning more about photography. I, being slightly competitive by nature, talked about how my mom has some nice cameras that I was planning on using (again, I had no interest; had to impress right?). After a bit of fighting about who can do better, I pulled out my phone and our fifteen minute walk became an hour and a half picture taking adventure.

Since then, I have spent the last 7 years perfecting my craft and  backpacking and traveling to incredible locations, working to provide others with a glimpse of the experience. This world is a breathtaking work of art, and I hope to inspire others to open theirs eyes, and see this planet with greater appreciation and a new perspective.



Nocea, Red Paddle Co, Power Practical, One80 Light, Nemo Equipment, Lifestraw, Ravean, Butterfinger (Nestle), Fjall Raven, Ultimate Hammocks, Mission Belt, Teton Sports, Ten Toes Boards, Torch Paddle, Nod Hammocks, Maverik, Solo Eyewear, Hobo Hammocks, Burke Paddleboards

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